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The Darrington Family have been water conditioning dealers since 1956. Arnold, my father, and Orville, his brother, operated as partners in a dealership originally based In Yankton, SD. Back then, the business was primarily portable exchange (PE) water softeners and iron and hydrogen sulfide PE filters. Rural areas and small towns suffered with hard and rusty water, some exceedingly so. As a teenager I worked after school and during summer breaks backwashing and regenerating those tanks.

In 1963, my father, Arnold, purchased our current dealership and moved to Mitchell. Arnold and Jacklyn operated the dealership for 13 years, after which my brother Pat purchased the business in 1976. In 1981, my wife, Joanne, and I purchased the business, and Pat moved to Arizona where he started a water conditioning dealership.

Today, we sell, rent and service water softeners, reverse osmosis units (RO), deionization treatment (DI)bottled water and coolers, bottle-less coolers, UV purification, micron and sub-micron filtration, salt sales, and delivery along with chemicals to support all of the above. We can, and do repair all brands of equipment if parts are available.

Our son, Richard, worked for us, after graduation from Mitchell High, doing deliveries and PE regeneration. He then attended Mitchell Vo-Tech Electronics program, followed by attending schooling in Austin, Mn for Occupational Therapy. He then spent 20 years practicing in and around Yankton.

When my wife Joanne, and I decided retirement would soon be in our future, we asked Richard and Sherry if they would like to take over the business and fortunately, for us, they said yes and are now learning all that is involved from physical plant to customer relations. Rich currently works in delivery, service, repair service, sales and management and will soon operate the business. Sherry wears many hats; supporting the staff in their jobs, customer relations, accounts payable and receivable and billing. Hers is the voice you hear 24/7 when you call Darrington Water. They have purchased a home in Mitchell and are hard at work.

Sherry and Richard’s son, Corey, is the person who comes to your door at home or work to deliver products and services. The other half of his job is regeneration of equipment, correctly loading the truck with products for deliveries, and most of all, customer relations.

Charlie Hoenke is our Sales and Service manager who has been with us for over 46 years. Charlie repairs all makes of water treatment equipment and can recommend the correct, best, easiest and most economical equipment for your situation

The Mitchell dealership opened for business in 1946 at 801 S. Sanborn Blvd. in Mitchell with a phone #3477. Today we are still at the same location but the phone company has added an area code of 605 and a prefix of 996 to the original four phone numbers 3477.

We look forward to your call at 605-996-3477

Dan Darrington

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